Why you should hire
a Professional Organizer

Why hire an Organizing Services? 

Life can be so hectic. Papers pile up, toys everywhere, we get it... Life happens.​ 

*You have too much stuff

*You need more time 

*You know it can save you money long term

*You are overwhelmed and stressed

*You know you'll never do it yourself

*You've attempted and failed

*You see the  advantage of using services that help you- Personal Trainers, Nannies, Landscapers, and Cleaning Services. 

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What to expect when working with The Perfect Home

Truly Customized Solutions:  It means there’s basically no such thing as a “one-container-fits-all” organizing solution. I’ll work with you to understand your preferences, routines, style, and everything in between, customizing organizing solutions to match your home and lifestyle.

Please be assured –clients receive a promise of 100% confidentiality. Your home is your sanctuary and I appreciate the trust you share with me when you invite me inside. The only person I will speak with about your project and your house is with YOU . Relax and let's make some changes that will impact your life in a positive way!

100% Judgement-free Zone: You’re not alone if you’re thinking, “My house is probably the worst she’s ever seen.” This is the fear of many of the people who seek out organizational services.  No matter what your space is like, you can trust me to understand and help you through the process. I will listen with compassion, and listen to your needs and goals for your home.

How long will it take: There are a lot of factors, and it varies with every person: It is dependent  on the amount of stuff you have, the speed at which you can make decisions while we sort and declutter, and how many spaces need to be organized.  A consultation will better determine this.

Respect for Your Belongings

 A common misconception about professional organizers is that we're going to come into your home and throw away all your stuff. That is definitely not going to happen! My job is to help define your goals, understand how you live in your spaces, and then create systems that will work for you and the people you live with. Some purging and downsizing may be needed, but we will work at your pace and you are in charge of what goes and what stays.